Educational Body Donation

“Whole-Body Donation and No Cost, Whole-Body Cremation”

What it means to donate through Educational Body Donation:

By selecting Educational Body Donation, you are very specifically choosing to support the advancement of higher education in the Pacific Northwest. Their directive is simple and consistent – they only facilitate the centuries old academic need for the human body in a course of study.  They work with many community colleges, universities and accredited medical training schools by fulfilling the needs of their curriculum. Once a donor has been accepted into their program, they are respectfully prepared and delivered to an educational institution. The donor resides at this institution until that course of study is complete. The donor’s entire remains are returned to Educational Body Donation for cremation and then returned to their family, generally within 24 months.  It’s truly the generous gift of donors that educates our next generation of healthcare professionals. 

Educational Body Donation is a privately owned, whole-body donation program that fulfills a unique academic need in the Northwest.  They are licensed and regulated by the Oregon Health Authority as a Non-transplant Anatomical Research Recovery Organization (NARRO).  This licensing and regulation is required by Oregon statute because they are not directly affiliated with or operated by any one educational institution, but instead, serve many institutions in their needs for whole-body study as part of their curriculum. Although licensed as a NARRO, Educational Body Donation is not engaged in the practice of dismemberment or research but is very specifically engaged in the practice of preparing human remains for curriculum-based, cadaveric use in a classroom setting only.

Why Should Families Consider Educational Body Donation?  Read a few of the benefits for this "Free Cremation" option, here.


EDUCATION – Whole-body donation programs that limit their focus to “education” are commonly curriculum-based in nature.  The body serves an educational need in society and plays an important role in supporting the anatomy-education of doctors and other health care professionals.  The program should disclose the intended use of a body and be willing to discuss it more specifically with a potential donor or the family.

“Educational Body Donation only engages in

Education-based body donation.

We do not engage in

Dismemberment-based body donation.”

RESEARCH – Whole-body donation programs that facilitate or perform “research” generally dis-member the body into parts that are used in various other research programs.  These dismembered body parts are shipped to any agency, facility or group that pays for use of these parts.  Once used, these body parts are generally not returned to the original donation program to be reunited with the rest of that body, but instead, are disposed of as medical waste. The cremated remains that are returned to the family are generally only those remains that are not used for research. This research may, or may not, have any educational value and whole-body donation programs that engage in research are generally highly profitable.   We refer to these programs as Dismemberment-programs. 

Many highly respected universities engage in the practice of dismemberment for research purposes, shipping body parts to others at a substantial financial gain for that university.  Read their documents, particularly the “Consent Form”, very carefully if you are interested in knowing their practices.


This is very important information regarding Whole Body Donation

The Autumn Funeral, Cremation & Burial role in whole body donation - Autumn Funeral, Cremation & Burial recognize the benefits to society, and the need to educate future health care professionals and train experienced health care professionals on new techniques and procedures. This can only be achieved through the generous gift of whole body donation. With this in mind, we are proud to be one of Oregon’s leading supporters of whole body donation. When we facilitate a whole body donation, there are no charges to the family unless additional items are requested at the time of death such as certified death certificates, memorial service assistance, viewing prior to donation or memorial products like urns or jewelry. There may also be situations when a family is asked to pay mileage charges if the decedent is outside of our service area.