Green Cremation

We hear so much these days about being “green” and protecting the environment with sustainability.  At Autumn, we are committed to do our part to protect the environment.  As Oregonians, we love this earth and we’d like to do our part to protect it for future generations.

As evidence of our commitment to protecting this earth, we have taken two very strong and proactive steps in the construction and operation of Cascade Cremation Center, our privately owned cremation facility.  These steps have come at a significant cost to our company and we are proud to be leaders in the promotion of “responsible cremation practices”.   We’d encourage all cremation facilities to begin the process of responsible cremation practice today.

Step 1. Cascade Cremation Center uses only the latest and most advanced technology in cremation equipment. 

Although our equipment is the most expensive available during the initial purchase and installation, it provides us with the greatest of cost savings in operation over time.  This equates to lower cremation costs to the families we serve as well as assurance that we are operating as efficiently as possible, thereby leaving the lowest possible “footprint” on our environment. 

Step 2. Cascade Cremation Center adheres to a strict policy of absolutely “no cremation caskets”.

Many providers encourage the sale of cremation caskets to boost funeral home profits, however, out of respect to the environment, we have taken the opposite position.  As a cremation provider, Autumn Funeral, Cremation & Burial does not sell cremation caskets and Cascade Cremation Center will not cremate caskets.  The added revenue to our company could not offset the irresponsible waste or the disrespect to our environment.  For those families that prefer viewing the remains or a traditional funeral followed by cremation, we offer our chapel “rental” casket or the use of our hand-made quilt shrouds which are placed over the cremation container during the viewing.  Few things today could be considered “less earth friendly” then cutting down trees, adding resins and fasteners and finishes and man hours and electricity to produce a casket – then placing it on a truck and shipping it across the country (or a cargo ship across the ocean) - and then spending hours cremating it with our precious natural gas. 

If there is such a thing as “Green Cremation” we are clearly your best choice.